I started listening to Emarosa when I was about 16. It was right around the time their first EP was released and I loved it. Of course, I was young and listening to a lot of bands in the same vein. But once Johnny joined the band... Well... let's just say I moved on. Didn't care much for his voice or him as a person.

Over the years I didn't follow much of Emarosa's activity, other than the various headlines that Mr. Creig would make from time to time. So when Alt Press asked me to help interview the new vocalist along side the great Matty Mullins, the 16 year old me decided to give them a second chance. I was not disappointed.

These dudes put on a hell of a show. Being an opener on such a diverse lineup can be tough for a band still finding it's legs after a frontman change. But these dudes killed it. Arguably put on the best show of the night. And contrary to my every interaction with Mr. Creig, Bradley was a very humble and genuine dude. I didn't run out and buy their new album, but I will be keeping my ear to the ground with these dudes and maybe they will win back my affections.

Here are some of my favorite shots from that night at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA.