The SS Dominator

In the early 60's a Greek freight liner named The SS Dominator ran ashore on the Pales Verdes Peninsula while lost in thick fog on it's way to The Port of Los Angeles. After two days of the Coast Guard trying to recover the ship the crew abandoned it and let the heavy seas and wind push the ship further and further up onto shore. Over time the tides and rocks broke up the ship leaving only twisted heaps of rusty metal scattered along the peninsula shore.  So we decided to go check it out.

Nothing like an early sunrise hike. No matter where you are, or what hike you are doing, doing it as the sun comes up can make it a most beautiful journey.

This particular hike was relatively easy. Hard to find, but it was short and easy. The majority of the trek was just a long a rocky beach. We found ourselves more focused on being mindful of our footing than the view around us. But with our eyes to the ground we noticed the ungodly amount of trash scattered along the beach.

Being so wrapped up in my Orange County bubble I had always heard about the trash pollution in the ocean. But my local beaches have always put a lot of effort into keeping the beaches clean so I've never really seen it with my own eyes. It's truly heartbreaking.

The hike is only about 2 miles long. Its mostly in the shade if you go in the early morning. The ship is cool. Or whats left of it. It's mostly unrecognizable twisted heaps of metal. The real pay off is the cove just past the wreckage.

All in all, a great way to start a beautiful Sunday.