How It Happened - History

The music video for This Wild Life's "History" came about quite accidentally actually. Anthony and Kevin asked me to take along with them to the Vans Warped Tour Kick Off Party as they planned to announce that they had signed a deal with Epitaph Records and they wanted me to film their announcement so that they could announce it on the internet as well. They were set the be the opening act for the night. I had no plans to film anything other than their set. Simple enough day I suppose. However it turned out to be quite the contrary. We were driving down the 710 freeway on our way to Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles, jammin' some tunes and talking about what the future holds for them when suddenly the right front of the van slammed to the ground. Being in front passenger seat, this scared the hell out of me. My first thought was the the tire had blown but when we got out of the van on the side of this very busy freeway, we found that the right front suspension was obliterated. I picked up my camera and started filming right away, as this was documentary gold. I didn't have any plans for the footage at the time, but I was sure it would come in handy at some point. I was right. Kevin and I then ventured through a not-so-great part of town in search of a Uhaul (that Siri claimed was there, but was not) so that we could hopefully make it to the venue in time for soundcheck. We got hungry. We stopped at Mcdonalds. After several wrong turns and a very friendly Lyft driver, we finally made it to the Uhaul and made our way back to Anthony and the broken down van. We loaded all of the gear and merch into the Uhaul and were finally back on the road. We made it to the venue just in time for soundcheck. Surprisingly, all the staff was very understanding and helpful. Usually in these ordeals, being late for check-in and such, stage managers and promoters are not so light hearted. The dudes played their set and we spent the rest of the night hanging out with the other bands. I filmed as much as I could, but I also wanted to take some photos of the other bands so I eventually parted ways with the boys and spent the rest of my time in my photo frenzy. (If you have ever seen me shooting at a show, you know what this is).

A few days later, I was on the set of a music video doing grip work and helping out a friend of mine when I got a call from Kevin. I had sent him their announcement video compiled of random footage from that day, and apparently their management really liked it. They were having trouble meeting their deadline for the release of their music video for "History" so he asked if he could come over and throw something together with the footage I had from that day. I was an hour and a half from my house, it was 8PM and I had work in the morning. Naturally, I agreed. He came over, we ordered pizza, and we sat at my desk and banged out what is now the official music video for their single "History". It was released the next day. And has been quite successful.

I live for these kinds of things. Flying by the seat of your pants and living in the moment. Not letting a shitty situation ruin your day and making the best of everything.

These dudes rule. You can order their debut full length "Clouded" here: